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Natural Products

From the very origin & the first source which is the known Dead Sea of Jordan.

The Highest Quality

Laboratory is the core of business to maintain the highest quality.

Recognised Worldwide

Products are sold and recognised in many countries.


We specialize in Skincare products, perfumes, makeup and fashion, located in Vilnius Lithuania and looking after the Baltic states and Poland. Being the Exclusive Dealer of RIVAGE Dead Sea Minerals & Products. From the very origin & the first source which is the known Dead Sea of Jordan. 

At RIVAGE, we are producing our products from scratch up in our facilities which contains the sources of the minerals, mud, salts and water and many more, then RIVAGE factory which considered the biggest of its class in the Middle East area as well as it comes at the top of other competitors size wise and quality too. Of course for such plant laboratory is the core of business to maintain the highest quality, Our well-equipped labs and very long experienced staff are ready for any challenges. 



The delicate and sensitive skin of your face deserves extra-special care. Replenish, renew and nurture your skin naturally, with Rivage.



Give your skin the nourishment it needs. Our body care range is designed to bring the astonishing results of the Dead Sea to you at home.



Experience thicker, fuller, shinier hair with Rivage hair and scalp products. Enriched with natural elements sourced from the four corners of the Earth.



Day Cream SPF15

Moisturizes, rejuvenates and prevents early signs of ageing.

This light Day Cream combines Vitamin E, Dead Sea Minerals, emollients and lactic acid to restore normal skin moisture and protect the skin from environmental impurities. Special UV sunscreen agents are added to provide protection from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays.  Frequent use of this Day Cream leaves your skin soft and shine-free.


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