During the early stages of establishing JT, we were very optimistic in the Baltic States region to extend the RIVAGE Dead Sea Skin Care Products of Jordan, to reach out to the clients who are considering their beauty as an essential aspect in their lives. Working in Lithuania as the base to manage the rest of the territory under the name of JT. With strong determination and persistence and attention to details, we deliver assurance of expertise and quality in our products & services.

The company’s main brands and products – RIVAGE and AFNAN.

Playing a significant role in the development of new markets, We are developing a strong reputation in the Skin Care industry and personal treatment products & works. We are covering an extensive range of products starting from personal use throughout the professional line.

The wide variety of RIVAGE products keeps us unique and dominating any market. We went to serve the industry by sharing RIVAGE Dead Sea Skin Care products with all kind of clients to enjoy the best because we believe that they deserve the best.

Jordanijos prekyba takes pride in the introduction and application of innovative engineering methods in its compositions where our clients approve such plans.

RIVAGE skin care products are sold in 25 countries, including JAV, Canada, UK,  Germany,  Greece, Armenia,  Russia,  Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Jordania, UAE, Saudo Arabia, Kuwait and other regions. 

UAB “Jordanijos prekyba” distributes its products through various sales outlets, ranging from private retail stores, online shops to perfume stores or pharmacies.


Your skin and hair deserve to be cherished, nourished and replenished. That is why we go to great lengths to source and blend nature’s finest active botanicals with potent Dead Sea Minerals. 

Each product in our range is carefully engineered to work in harmony with your skin’s natural qualities to renew, detoxify and nourish your skin, naturally. 

RIVAGE products are natural, non-synthetic and made with ingredients you can trust.

We have a strong professional staff base with highly experienced Chartered Engineers, pharmacist & PHDs as well as support services staff with PRO & HR specialists on hand and capable of mobilising RIVAGE to be side by side with the world leading brands in the Skin Care industry. 

Made from – Dead Sea water, salt and mud containing 23 natural minerals (such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iodine, etc.) along with 64 natural ingredients (aloe, avocado, apple, nuts, various herbs etc). These unique combinations with continued use naturally improve skin cell regeneration, hydration and treatment.


Nature & Science, working in harmony

RIVAGE blends the minerals and Dead Sea mud with botanical extracts sourced from around the world. The fusion of minerals, mud and botanical extracts is what gives our products their astonishing potency.

Be you.

Your body and your beauty are two of your greatest assets. We believe that skincare is about  enhancing, supporting and enriching your natural beauty and well-being – helping you reveal your inner beauty. Each RIVAGE product is carefully formulated to nurture and replenish your natural beauty and mind, helping you to feel empowered desirable and confident every day.

Be natural.

Nature offers an abundant supply of elements which can soothe, moisturise and energize your skin. We harness nature’s most powerful minerals and botanical extracts so you can experience your skin at its best. Revitalize, regenerate and replenish your skin with RIVAGE. Naturally.



Quality is at the heart of our brand. That means we constantly strive to find the best ingredients, suppliers and industry experts. Our products are tested at every stage – from formulation to production – by a team of scientists and skin experts to measure their effectiveness. All products are tested to ensure they are effective, safe to use, and do not cause allergic reactions. And of course we never test our products on animals. 

Our products utilise natural, skin-friendly ingredients – so we do not rely on harsh chemicals such as petroleum and paraffin. Our Dead Sea minerals carry the Ecocert mark which guarantees they are responsibly. 


– to harness the best of nature, and to use science to advance the effect of Dead Sea minerals by blending them with botanical extracts;

– to enhance and maintain beauty and well-being for men and women, naturally;

– to consistently develop high-quality, high-performance products and treatments;

– to develop skin and hair care products to treat a range of conditions and suit a variety of needs.

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